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Local Search Marketing

Local Search isn't about SEO. It's about aligning hundreds of directories like Yahoo, YP and Yelp with your exact information. We can help!

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Search Engine Optimization

Your site's not showing up in Google's organic search? Penguins updates got you down? Not sure which keywords you should target? We can help!

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Social Media Marketing

Don't know whether to Tweet or Twit? Learn the best way to handle your Social Media Outreach or have us take care of it for you.

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Austin Local Search Marketing

Local Search


Social Media Marketing

Don’t ask yourself, “Can I do it?” The right question is, “Will I do it?”

Whether you’ve been in business for decades or days, a clear online marketing strategy is essential for your business. That’s where I come in.

Your online visibility will skyrocket and customers will flock to you with my multipronged approach:

I will work with you to build an integrated marketing strategy tailored to your business and your customers.
Your local search visibility on Google will surge.
Via social media, your customer base will broaden.
I’ll show you how to make pay-per-click work for you by targeting regions, particular demographics or hard-to-rank keywords.
I’ll help you manage content optimization.
I’ll show you the secrets to generating quality reviews on Yelp and Google.

My expertise in these areas can build your business further:

► Direct Mail Marketing
► Organic Search Engine Optimization
► Pay Per Click Advertising
► Landing Page Optimization
► Media Optimization
► Online Lead Generation
► Online Marketing Campaigns
► Search Engine Marketing Campaigns
► Brand Awareness

I know all about building a business from the ground up with little more than grit and a determination to succeed. I started my first SEO company in my garage around 2001.

Since then, I have built a proven track record of achievement. I am passionate about everything I recommend to my clients. Strengthening companies across all platforms and using new mediums to reach more and more people is a way of life for me. I blend my technical expertise with my online marketing enthusiasm to make your company stand out online.

Do marketing people often sound to you like they’re speaking Klingon? You won’t get that from me. I will communicate with you as clearly as I plan to communicate with your customers, in plain and persuasive English. The trackable results I produce mean you will never have to wonder whether my marketing process is working for you. You will have verifiable proof that it is, and you can measure that proof against the goals we have set together. I won’t try to hide a lack of knowledge and expertise behind marketing speak. If there’s an area that I lack experience in, I will let you know.

Do you need to widen your audience? Do you want to learn how to optimize social media marketing so you can do it yourself? Is your team starting from nothing, or do you just need fresh ideas on integrated marketing, SEO, PPC, direct mail best practices or social media outreach? I am ready and waiting to help you launch your company into a new era of online success. Connect with me here or call me at 512-529-9718.

Thank you for reading my summary. Now let’s do it!