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Social Media Meltdown: What to do when people think you suck!

Writers and journalists, celebrities and just ordinary people have all had them, and companies do as well. You may hope that your company never does. But a social media meltdown is too potentially damaging to your business to count on hope and risk not having a plan in place. With the fast-moving nature of social […]

Google Algorithm Updates

Pigeonholed: How to Avoid Google’s Algorithm Wrath!

Anyone who has ever dealt with a persistent pigeon problem knows that as soon as you find one method of deterring them, the pigeons find another way to make a nuisance of themselves. If you’ve been working with SEO and local SEO in particular recently, you might have had that same feeling of continually solving […]

Hispanic Marketing

Living Mi Vida Local: Reaching Hispanics Online with Local Search

Mastering SEO best practices can feel overwhelming for the small business owner. Just as one set of SEO approaches is mastered, Google revamps its algorithms, and now it’s necessary to understand local SEO as well. Going one step further to tweak local SEO to appeal to a specific community may simply seem like too much […]

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A New Kind of SEO: Local Citations

Twenty years ago, or whenever most of us who are now adults were kids, we can remember our parents telling us to fetch the yellow pages so they could find a new mechanic, appliances repairman or even a local piano teacher. In those days, the phone book was the primary way businesses increased public awareness […]

Yelp Reviews - Review Marketing

People Hate Us On Yelp!

What’s the first thing you do when you are thinking about trying a new restaurant, staying at a hotel on vacation or buying a new product? There’s a good chance that you go online to see what others have to say about it. As one of the most popular online review sites, Yelp has the […]

Online Review Marketing

YOU SUCK! How to Handle Negative Online Reviews

In the Internet age, the consumer has more power than ever before. Once upon a time, word-of-mouth about a business only got around to a person’s immediate circle of friends, family and acquaintances, but with the proliferation of social media and review sites, all of that has changed. Now every single potential customer a business […]

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Why I Do This

Someone asked me once, why do I do what I do. They couldn’t understand why a tech guy like me would choose sales over being an SEO consultant, running my own small business as I had been for many years. The answer surprised him and it may possibly surprise you. In the spirit of full […]