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Social Media Meltdown: What to do when people think you suck!

Writers and journalists, celebrities and just ordinary people have all had them, and companies do as well. You may hope that your company never does. But a social media meltdown is too potentially damaging to your business to count on hope and risk not having a plan in place. With the fast-moving nature of social […]

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Antisocial Media: A Guide to Not Connecting, Not Engaging and Not Succeeding

What are the best ways to fail to connect with your audience, enrage your customers and annoy any potential new business? Opportunities abound for alienating clients and the general public via social media, and plenty of companies have seized those opportunities in recent years. Incompetent public handling of customer service complaints is one approach. By […]

Is, ask.f’d Up?

Like a number of other websites, is set up to allow users to ask and answer questions. It sounds innocent enough, but the Latvian site has been implicated in no fewer than five teen suicides in Britain, the United States and Ireland due to being targeted by online bullies at the site. Usage for […]

Social Media: Why So Many Big Brands are Still Getting It Wrong!

Remember the early days of the web, when big companies seemed to be following some directive that told them they needed an online presence? Many of them appeared to get the message while missing what accompanied it – the fact that they needed the website to contain something interesting enough to make customers want to […]

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UnLinked: Why Being Unconnected May Keep You Unemployed

A presence on social media can be the difference between getting a job and remaining without one. This may be as simple as an employer having a choice between two candidates and selecting the one who has an engaging social media profile that indicates a good fit with the company. However, it can be more […]

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Why I Do This

Someone asked me once, why do I do what I do. They couldn’t understand why a tech guy like me would choose sales over being an SEO consultant, running my own small business as I had been for many years. The answer surprised him and it may possibly surprise you. In the spirit of full […]